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Please give a testimonial about your experience with us on Facebook, email it to us, or drop one off at the reception desk and receive 
$5 off your next month's dues!

Workout of the Month
Ready to see results? This month's workout: The Super-Charged Workout will give you noticeable results in a matter of weeks. With this motivating force, 8 different exercises and 30 minutes of cardio, this workout is guaranteed to keep you going week after week. 

Refer to bulletin board for workout instructions.

Spending too much time on the same routine can be less than productive.  Not only does your body adapt, but you also become bored and unmotivated doing the same old thing day after day.

In helping keep your workout productive, we will post a new workout on the member bulletin board around the 15th of each month.  All posted workouts can be done at each fitness level- just follow the guidelines. 

Members are entitled to a free training session each month.  During this training session, we will assess your progress using your previous routine and make any necessary adjustments or by setting you up on a new workout routine.

At any time, if your workout is not working for you, remember that you have access to 100's of workouts.   Just stop in the reception area and we'll help you choose the right workout based on your fitness level and goals.

Remember: If you are trying to lose weight or, even gain weight, exercise alone won't cut it.  You need to follow healthy nutrition habits as well.  We can help with making sure you're getting the right foods into your body.  Just stop by the reception area to ask about our Online Nutritionist

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